Customer Service

Responsive. Helpful. Competent.

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At Montgomery, Customer Service is not a department—it’s a mindset.  We’re a private, third generation, family owned business with a long-term perspective. 

Treat others the way you would like to be treated.  Put yourself in their shoes.  What would you expect if the roles were reversed?  Pretty simple stuff but simple does not mean easy.

It means backing our customers with a large inventory of parts and being ready to step up if a customer’s machine is down.  It means supporting equipment that was manufactured decades ago.  It means taking obligations seriously and acting with integrity.  We expect to provide value and if there’s a problem, it bothers us.  We will be diligent to get it resolved.

We appreciate every customer and treat them like friends and family.  They are relationships we intend to be in for a long time and we conduct ourselves accordingly.

We build our equipment to be durable.  We approach Customer Service the same way.  It’s how we’ve done business since 1925.

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